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Half-Hearted Promises, Disappointing Delivery 7 Oct 2022

An Assessment of the Hungarian Government’s New Measures to Protect the EU Budget and Related Recommendations

As a result of the negotiations between the European Commission and the Hungarian Government following the triggering of the Conditionality Mechanism, 17 specific and one general commitment have been included in the Commission’s proposal for a Council Implementation Decision (‘Commission Proposal’). Without any public consultation or published impact assessments, the Hungarian Government rushed through Parliament five bills by 4 October to deliver on its commitments. A sixth bill is pending with the Parliament, the final vote is expected during the week of 10 October 2022. This analysis reviews 8 key elements of the adopted laws and the proposed bill in light of the commitments made by the Government and included in the Commission’s Proposal to the European Council.

The analysis by the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, K-Monitor and TI Hungary is available here.