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Outriders Meetup in Budapest: Disinformation 16 Mar 2019

Join us in a discussion about disinformation and its impact on modern journalism, and listen to three journalists sharing their work!
The ultimate aim of Outriders Network is to support good journalism. What does that mean? We want to create good, impactful and informed stories. We want to collaboratively tell them in their most suited multimedia form, we want them to spread and help people understand the world. We believe that good journalism is when the stories come first.

If you want to know:

- What are the main challenges of a fact-checker?
- How does disinformation spread?
- How do you train people to do the proper research?

Come and join us at The Workshop - BrodyLand, Budapest for the upcoming meetup with our special guests:

Tommaso Canetta from Pagella Politica, Italy
Sarah Emler, a freelance journalist based between Berlin and Vienna specializing in Disinformation
Meri Jordanovski from the Makfax News Agency

The talks are starting at 6 PM and will last 20 minutes each.
Afterward, we will have time for a Q&A session and some networking.

Prior to the meetup, we are going to host two focused workshops for 15 people each
→ 2 PM - 3:30 PM: Jakub Górnicki Workshop #1 in Budapest: Storytelling with Instagram Stories
→ 4 PM - 5:30 PM: Tommaso Canetta Workshop #2 in Budapest: Fact-checking with Pagella Politica

The meetup and the workshops are free & open, but do register because the number of seats is limited!

This Meetup is organized with the support of Facebook Journalism Project, National Endowment for Democracy and Google. We also partnered with K-Monitor, Direkt36, 444, Független Médiaközpont - Center for Independent Journalism, and The Workshop - BrodyLand while preparing for that one. Thank you!

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