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Many Member States have already received the first tranche of billions of euros made available from the EU Recovery Instrument, but Hungary's Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP) has not yet been approved by the EU. 

HCLU and K-Monitor published their Corruption Report

The Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU) and K-Monitor launched a joint corruption monitoring program in September 2020 to analyze quarterly how government measures under the pandemic fuel corruption and undermine the rule of law. This is the English summary of the last four reports.

Hungarian NGOs contribute to the European Commission’s second Rule of Law Report

Eight Hungarian NGOs submitted a joint contribution in the stakeholder consultation launched by the European Commission for its second annual Rule of Law Report. The Commission’s Rule of Law Report pertaining to 2019 identified substantial problems severely threatening the rule of law in Hungary in all four areas examined. According to the NGOs, the situation has deteriorated further in 2020.

Join Our Online Conference: Local Governments Under Pressure

To prepare for the post-pandemic period we decided to dedicate the second edition of our Conspiracy for Democracy conference to the effects of the pandemic on local governance in East-Central Europe.

From exception to norm: Corruption and Resistance in the shadow of emergency rule in Hungary

When the pandemic reached Hungary ten years after the Fidesz party first gained a two-thirds majority, it was met by a solidified Orbán-regime. 

Empowering local self-government - Cooperation between advocacy groups and local governments in Hungary, Poland and Romania

Between May and July 2020, we conducted 64 semi-structured in-depth interviews with representatives from 35 organizations in 35 different local entities, involving both activists and local government officials.

Another day, another slap in the face of Hungarian Democracy

While Hungarians were kept in uncertainty about the details of the anti-COVID measures of the government, the government published the draft amendment of the Constitution that would limit the scope of what can be considered public funds.

Hungarian NGOs’ contribution to the consultation on the EC’s Rule of Law Report

Eight Hungarian NGOs, participating in the stakeholder consultation launched by the European Commission for its first annual Rule of Law Report, trust that the EC will make concrete, enforceable recommendations to EU Member States, hence also for Hungary on how to advance rule of law in the EU.


By surrendering to autocracy in the fight against COVID-19, Hungary poisons European ideals

On March 30, 2020, the Hungarian Parliament adopted a text that allows the government to suspend the enforcement of certain laws, depart from provisions enshrined in the existing ones and implement additional extraordinary measures by decree for a practically unlimited period of time, with new limitations on media and information.

Coalition to Make Whistleblowing Safe During COVID-19 and Beyond

The signatories to this letter call on all public authorities and institutions to protect those who report or expose the harms, abuses and serious wrongdoing that arise during this period of crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We also encourage all citizens and workers to participate in ensuring our governments, corporate institutions and markets remain accountable, and in defending the human rights and freedoms of all people.

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