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K-Monitor Database

K-Monitor database is a searchable library of articles from the online media dealing with corruption, procurements, public spending and in general with the transparency of the public sphere.


The articles in the database either deal with different types of corruption, public procurement or spending of public funds in general, or describe specific cases. In the latter case, we select and tag the articles according to a steady methodology. In order to ensure adequate orientation, we both register articles containing incriminating information and/or opinions about persons and those refuting or reflecting to those contents.

We hereby declare that K-Monitor is not to label any person or institution mentioned in the articles. It is not our purpose to decide whether the personalities or the institutions are guilty of corruption or not, and appearing in any articles stored in our database does not automatically lead to allegations of corruption. It implies no more than that the above characters are mentioned in articles connected to public funds or cases of corruption regarding public finances. We would like to aid first and foremost that our users are given a broad view and help them shape their very own opinion.

By our activity, we aim to provide our visitors with information and a broad perspective regarding these cases so that they could form their own, well-established opinions. In the database, users can search by person, institution, key word, location, newspaper or case. Browsing among the articles of the database is aided by two search engines: one based on key words and one based on tags.

K-Monitor deals mostly with Hungarian cases and companies, but if you would like any of our material available only in Hungarian translated, please contact us.



Miklós Merényi

local government expert

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